Simon Roost Kirkegaard, MSc

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Simon graduated as a physiotherapist in 2009 in Denmark. Like many other physiotherapists he took many different courses in search for the Holy Grail. Frustrated with the contradicting information in those course and lack of theoretical plausibility he found that pain and neuroscience was the missing piece to explain and understand pain and why so many different interventions all can have an effect. To help push physiotherapy away from a biomedical model he joined Critical Physiotherapy Network where he functions as an executive member. He also teaches pain sciences course around the world with a focus on the importance of communication skills in clinical practice. His ambition to be part of the change happening within physiotherapy has inspired him to start a Masters by Research with Lorimer Moseley as his supervisor in Adelaide, Australia. He will commence his studies by August 2016.

Simon Roost Kirkegaard, MSc

Artículo de Simon Roost Kirkegaard, MSc

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